Saturday, 18 August 2018


   Christchurch is probably the village I travel through the most when cycling as I enjoy exploring the Ely area and whether heading off on the start of a trip or returning I mostly pass through the parish. I remember when I first started cycling I used to set myself small targets, as indeed I still do today. One such target was to bike from my village of Upwell to Christchurch and back, a journey of around 9 miles when heading off via the village of Three Holes, now, of course, the trips are longer but I'll never forget the first time I managed it and stopping outside the church for a drink break. To me, it was the first time I started feeling good about myself and started to realize that if I wanted to achieve some kind of fitness then it was possible.

   Anyway enough of me, let's talk about Christchurch. Christchurch is a smallish fenland village and was once known as Brimstone Hill presumably after the Brimstone butterfly that was once very common in the area. The village boasts a perfect example of the Victorian church, The church was built in 1863 from beautiful old red bricks and though not as old as most parish churches it really has a great look and great feel about it. I've not been lucky enough to explore inside but from the outside, it looks very interesting in design.

   There is now no shop in the village but there is one public house called "The Dun Cow", which is used by many locals and the perfect stop for cyclists selling a good selection of beers from the local Elgoods brewery. And for any cyclist who wants a treat, the local fish and chip van sits outside the on Dun Cow Friday evenings.

   The village has it's own Primary School, a nice recently built Village Hall and a number of organisations such as Bowls Club etc. I'm not sure but I think on Monday mornings, there is still a pop-up coffee shop run from the Village Hall, ideal for those cycling through the area, with cakes, coffee, tea and even hot meals sold there, why not give it a try.
   All in all, Christchurch is a very pleasant village and over the last year or two, I have met a few of its residents, all of which are very friendly polite people who are always willing to answer any questions I have about the parish. So if your a cyclist please add Christchurch to your route and see for yourself another of the fens nice quiet villages.

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  1. A very pretty church - I like the part roundness of it, rather than the strict straight lines that most churches have. The village marker sign is rather lovely too.


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